Monday, April 4, 2011


I couldn’t sleep last night, at all. First my body turned into some kind of roaring furnace. I was so hot I thought I might explode. Then I was just awake. And when I’m awake in the dark I get to thinking and over-thinking and those shadows, you know the ones, flit about and try to suffocate me. I got to a point where I was so tired I just wanted to cry. But I was too tired for even that.

I’m not good without sleep and there are some big, important things I need to deal with that I don’t really want to deal with and they weigh on my mind. Which makes me not able to sleep. Which makes me unable to think straight. Which make things seem even more impossible. And then I can’t sleep. You see how this works?

So I’m a bit miz really. And I fear if anyone prods me, physically or metaphorically, I may dissolve into a puddle on the floor and drip away into nothing.


Mud in the City said...

Poor Shiny! No sleep is no fun. Hopeing the shadows leave you alone tonight.

Angela said...

Drink a cup of hot chocolate before hopping into bed. And if you wake up in the middle of the night and the demons come for a visit, tell them to GET LOST!! YOU are in charge! Not them stupid demons! Or offer them a cup of hot chocolate, perhaps, if they won`t, and turn them into nice friendly ones?
Anyhow, no puddle on the floor, please!!

Miranda said...

Ah that sucks. Hoping for a better sleep for you tonight. xxx

Shiny said...

Mud, Miranda, Angela - thank you, they did. Instead I had Frieda (see today's post) who was much more bearable/bareable than the shadows!