Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"I want to marry an oyster"

That’s what she said, in Chinese-overtoned English: “I want to marry an oyster. Then I can wake up in the night and nibble on him.” With this, she made little eating motions, a bit like a hamster really. It's an understandable statement, the market oysters being of the most delicious I've ever tasted. In her little grey dress with a flower on the left breast and pearls, she and her husband sold sushi to the market’s hoardes and she wished he were an oyster.

That’s what I did on Saturday, to temper my claustrophobia. I went to the market filled with bustlingbusy people, eating and drinking and being noisy and fascinating. I watched a lot and felt hot tears in my head, deep inside. And we spoke to the market people, who each have a story, and who we’re getting to know and growing to love. The honey guy had a baby with the (I think) herb lady last year, the first market baby... See? Stories. I’m involved by proxy, courtesy of my lovely friends, who are market people themselves.

I’m not sure it did my claustrophobia any good. That spiralled into a massive torrent on Sunday, but I don’t want to talk about it.

The market was worth it, for many reasons, the main one being the sentence, which has reverberated since, creating fabulous little stories in my head:

”I want to marry an oyster.”


Angela said...

I am always surprised at what goes on in people`s minds. (Not yours I mean, your mind is fine, except for the claustrophobic attacks. They should get OUT). Marry an oyster! Imagine the life you`d have to leave, going to family gatherings or the theatre (can my oyster sit next to me?), watching films on TV, having to explain EVERY detail... no really, too limited.
But back to the claustrophobia. I can only imagine how it feels for you, but no matter the difference, we are all packed inside our bodies and cannot switch to another. And if our bodies get frail one day (as in ALL of us), we must let our mind wander. You have such a wonderful imagination and gift of SEEING things. Don`t let any restrictions pull you down. I want you to be happy, Shiny. A Shiny, happy people, lalala...

Angela said...

Why don`t I ever read what I wrote? A life you`d LEAD, I meant.
Of course, if you`d leave your old life, and moved in with his family, things would really get complicated.

Shiny said...

Oh Geli, I love that. Moving in with the oyster family. I'd LOVE to live in the sea! x