Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Eager Beaver's Reading Circle

I finally did it. I’m an adult. Okay, scrap that, I’m one step closer to being an adult. It’s going to take a lot more than this to make me a complete adult. Hell, this 13-year old boy brain is here to stay I think. I stray. I am now, officially, part of a book club. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that I’m a co-founder of a book club. We had our inaugural meeting a couple of weeks back. A book club! Indeed.

The Eager Beaver’s Reading Circle.

That’s what we’re called. There are five of us thus far, although one couldn’t come to the inaugural meeting. Does that mean she gets thrown out? We’re unsure of book club etiquette. We knew we needed some food, some wine, the book club/reading circle members… Oh, and, of course, books. The rules, though? That we're unsure of, being virginal book clubbers. We decided to each bring a book we’d read and loved, and a suggestion for another.

It was great: we have an architect, a nutritional therapist, a copywriter and a some-kind-of-computer-worker (well, maybe we have her, depending on the rules). We ate yummy food, discussed our books and pulled two out of a hat for discussion at our next meeting. We plan to be as environmentally correct as possible and not buy too many new books, preferring rather to support second-hand bookshops, and always to have one South Africa book.

Our books:

The Valley of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susanna, ‘cult classic’. I am still to read it, I’ll report back when I have.

The other one, our South African option, is The Au Pair, by Michele Macfarlane, a true story about a married woman who left her husband for… you guessed it… her au pair. I read it in two days. It’s like reading someone’s diary, something we’d all love to do, but don’t (I hope!) because it’s rude to do that. This, however, is allowed. I liked it for its brave honesty. It also contains some hot and heavy lesbian action. (I wonder what hits that sentence will bring on Google…)

So, there you have it, Shiny moves one step closer to adulthood, at her advanced age. I’ve joined the sacred book club circle and we’re serious about it. No drinking wine while discussing the blurbs on the back cover for us, we plan on actually reading the books and talking about them. While drinking wine, of course. Now, if someone could just send me the Book Club Rules, please?


Angela said...

No rules allowed!
That would be too much of adulthood, really, rules. I actually don`t think the normal adult bookclubs admit wine. Let alone lesbian action talk. Or would they? I have never been member of a book club, but maybe should create one, inventing my own rules?

Shiny said...

Good idea Geli! x