Monday, March 28, 2011

The circus comes to town

It made me want to rush home, find every colourful piece of clothing in my cupboard, put them all in a suitcase, and join. Only one problem: I have no special skills that they’d be looking for. I thought maybe I could let my middle-aged lady hairs grow on my chin and be The Bearded Lady, but I don’t think that’s what Cirque du Soleil are looking for.

It was, literally, breathtaking. The colours, the silliness, the fun, and then the acrobats – swooping through the sky like superheros, throwing each other around as if they were weightless… seriously, I found myself taking in huge lungsful of air every now and again at the astounding stunts.

And to add a cherry on the top, I know one of the characters. Back at Small Town University his older brother was my first love and they included me in their family for a good proportion of my varsity years. I used to help him with his maths homework when he was little. Back then he was friendly and funny and sweet and now: he’s friendly and funny and still sweet and incredibly talented and I kept wanting to jump up and shout: “I know him!”

And to add another cherry on the top, his family were there from Small Town University town, including Nanna, the granny, who I haven’t seen for years! So lovely to see them all and bask in their pride. Well deserved pride, too.

What a treat to spend a Sunday afternoon in a Dr Seuss-esque glow, eating popcorn and Whispers and gasping in delight, then seeing old, old friends.


Miranda said...

JEALOUS!!! Lucky, lucky you! Well deserved of course. Must have been AWESOME. To see the performance and then all those marvelous talented beings from dem days. xxx

Angela said...

When I was little we had a very small circus coming to our part of town, performing on a near-by meadow, with all their family members included, even the grandmother. (Her back creaked a bit when she attempted a "bridge" backwards, but still).
I envied their youngest blond-curled daughter, doing some acrobatic things, and I would have loved to run away with them. My freedom blood in motion!
Cirque de Soleil was probably EVEN better, though.

Daffy said...

Hello, I'm Lori Times Five's kid. Angela recommended I read your here I am.
I'm reading "Water For Elephants" and it too, makes me want to join the circus. Sometimes I look around and realize I'm already in one though. Cheers!

Shiny said...

Miranda - oh it was awesome... amazingly awesome!

Geli - the last time I saw the circus was probably 25 years ago, it was one of those too, but made me sad, because of the poor animals.

Daffy - welcome! And a very good point you make!