Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I woke in the night from one of those terrifying dreams that make you gasp awake and lie for a while trying to get your breath back and order the tangle of thoughts flying around your head back into reality. It was all betrayal and sadness and, well, paralysis, but of the emotional kind.

The kind man’s death of the previous post is weighing on my mind. I keep going through the phone call from my mother, thinking of what I was thinking as she told me. And what it was, was this: I kept wishing the sentence would end: “Childhood friend called (please stop), her Dad fell down those treacherous stairs (STOP, please) and he had a terrible head injury (for fuck’s sake, stop now) and he died.” Deflation, heart break.

I wrote Childhood Friend an e-mail this morning but words sound so hollow at times like this, don’t they?


Mud in the City said...

Words may sound hollow, but you wouldn't believe the amount of people who shy away from trying to say 'something' and end up saying 'nothing'.

allie said...

Mud is right.
People so appreciate whatever you say just because your heart shows.

Angela said...

We have a friend whoe sister just died, and two weeks later her husband. I wrote her, I called her, and I met with her, and she said each time she was happy. So whatever you do, if you connect and show your friendship, it helps to heal.

Angela said...

Happy birthday, dear Josef Max Emanuel!