Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Schoolgirl crush

It is Summer. This fills me with glee. The air is warm, it’s light in the mornings when I get to work, I am wearing cotton Summer tops. You can see why this would make me happy. The prospects of icy cold beers watching the sun set, at eight! Yippee.

In the meantime, while Winter danced it’s dying dance (until next year, of course), I signed up for a little writing course which is filling me with nervous angst and titillating expectation. I fear I will be exposed by my fellow writing-course-writers as the frilly, over-descriptive writer that I am. There are people on the course who’ve already written novels. Novels they sent to publishers. Real ones. Oh my god, what’ve I got myself in for?

I was in the middle of one of the delightful anxiety attacks you’ve just experienced above, while downloading the video we had to watch for Module 1, which featured our teacher. He's delicious. I have a schoolgirl crush. I just know he made the video especially for me (and not the 100+ other students.) How do I know? Because he was talking directly to me, of course. Looking me in the eyes, his own twinkling at me, his voice lilting with passion for storytelling me.

It’s strange, because he’s not really my type, but there’s something about him that makes him yummy. He has an American accent, an accent which is by no means on the top of my Accent List. Good grief, I didn’t even know I had an Accent List until I wrote that! I find them a little rough normally, but his is... well… perfect.

I guess it could just be his passion for stories and writing that does it for me, but I think, personally, that it’s his little hint of a smile, especially made for me, that is my melting point. So you can imagine how pleased I was to find that he’d made me another one for module 2. My very own little video love letter, downloadable, just to me and 100+ other writing-course-writers , on the beginnings of stories.

I wonder if I need to get out more? The thing is, I need to wait at home, patiently, for Module 3, to see if he’s made me another one, don’t I?


Angela said...

I want to see that video!!!
And I don`t mind American accents if they are well spoken. I think I have one myself.
How old is he?

allie said...

Ooooh a writing course -
Now there's a thought!

Of course the fact that the lecturer is a yummy man has nothing to do with my enthusiasm.

allie said...

After thought: could you find it in your heart to share the course details with moi?
I promise to remember, when watching the dvd, that the twinkly eyed look is actually directed at you.

Anonymous said...

Screenshot please! And yes, well done on the course front. Very brave!!

Shiny said...

Ah yes, y'all, I'd love to show you, but it's a login thing, so I can't. He's surprisingly ordinary looking (and married I think) so it really is just a schoolgirl crush on his passion for writing!

Allie - I'm doing the course partly due to your encouragement. Thank you.


tam said...

I'm so glad you are doing this. You write brilliantly, and its good to have a structure to do it in. Writing, that is. Enjoy it.