Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The gate, the slugs, the bell and the lizard

So, as I was writing my post last week about the lizard in the bell, the guy arrived to fix our electric gate into the driveway (which also was not working). We stayed warmly in the kitchen supping on our Friday evening sundowners while he went out into the ever-darkening dusk to tinker and toil on the little plastic box which houses Gate Headquarters and (should, but often doesn't) make the gate open and close at the push of a little blue button.

Twenty minutes later he came in looking suitably handymanny with oily hands and a happy smile. He had removed the family of slugs who had taken up residence. They, apparently, had happily moved in and were leaving their belongings (slime?) around Gate Headquarters resulting in the inoperation of gate. Hmmm, should I be worried that I seem to be collecting creatures in electrical goodies that should possibly not be doubling as housing for said creatures?

P.S. Turns out the bell, too, was once again inhabited by a baby lizard - who would've thought that generations of lizards would gravitate back to the same 'house'! He is now living in amongst the creepers on the back wall. I hope he's still as cosy.

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me said...

Has anyone called for Noah?