Friday, June 22, 2007

The bell and the lizard

Our bell is not working. This makes it hard for people visiting us to get in. Logical really. It has been a week since the bell broke (although it did work briefly in between not working, don't ask - I don't know). The last time this happened we took the little boxy thing apart and found that a small lizard had moved in and his worldly goods that came with him were preventing the bell from working properly (could've been his tiny lizard suitcase, or maybe one of his little lizard socks causing a lack of connection between one wire and another, or something).

This time, however, there seems to be no sign of lizardy interference. Biggest problem though, is the fact that I got the guy to come and fix it and he was supposed to come this morning and I think he may have, but... We didn't realise he was here and he couldn't ring the bell to let us know he was here. Oh bugger. So, it seems we'll have another weekend of people having to squeal at us from the gate to get in. Do you think the neighbours may start complaining?

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