Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Nostrils and toilet paper

So it started yesterday afternoon with a leak out of my right nostril. Just enough to be irritating, but not enough to give a good blow. Then the sneezing. Lots of it. I dripped echinacea into my water and blocked my left nostril (the right already being sort-of-blocked by the incessant dripping) to mask the taste as I glugged it down. I dosed myself with Wondercold or some such thing before laying myself in my bed. I have been known to use this wonder drug purely for its sleep induction properties but not this time. No siree, this was for real. While sleeping, I got that feeling of gloop at the back of my throat, a little sore but, mainly just gloopy. This morning it was still there. It's very much an in-between, fighting-off, I-will-beat-this-bug, with chemicals if necessary, kind of feeling. The whole point, however, of this post (other than to whinge) is to put this question out into the ether... Is it socially acceptable to stuff toilet paper up one nostril while in the office?

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