Monday, May 21, 2007

Cold, Hair Dryers and MacGuyver

It is cold. Like in bone-chillingly cold. I have a vest, a polo-neck and a fleece on and it is still cold. The heater/airconditioner thingy that's supposed to make the room "ambient" is also on, dehydrating us slowly from the outside, like those dried apricots, and I'm perfectly happy with that. It's just that it's still bloody cold.

If I could, I would have my hair dryer at work. I'd make an elaborate stand out of bits and bobs in the office (like MacGyver. Come on, who wasn't in love with him in 1986?) onto which the hair dryer would be placed in the perfect position to blow hot air over me, warming me gently, but not too much to lull me to sleep (it is, after all, work and it's apparently not acceptable to drool on one's keyboard - I'm not sure why but my best friend at work told me that, the last time I did it... I was full for heaven's sake - I'd had a big lunch and we all know that results in overwhelming tiredness and a need for an afternoon nap.)

Anyway, yes, so I had spent most of the afternoon drawing the plans for my elaborate bits-and-bobs-devised hair dryer stand when another work mate came in and looked over my shoulder and asked what I was doing.

I immediately got very excited and started detailing my MacGyveresque plots when he rudely interrupted me and asked loudly: "Why don't you just buy a fan heater?" Hmph, I hate it when Mr Logic comes and foils great plans. Still though, wouldn't it be cooler to have a Uniquely Designed Bits-and-Bobs-Devised-Hair-Dryer-Heating-Apparatus stand in the office?

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me said...

Fan heaters are so passé! I much prefer your idea.