Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Admin, boring bloody admin

I have things to do. Lots of them. Tax submission admin, looking for writing work so I can keep Freelance Fridays going, some editing for someone who's kindly done a whole lot for me, fighting with the medical aid... boring, boring, yawn. All the admin I want to be doing is making proper plans for my Karoo trip, but that is fraught with hanging on other people's decisions. I'm not even sure that sentence makes sense. I just wanted to throw 'fraught' in the mix.

With all this admin glaring at me disconsolately in the corner, I find myself sticking to my guns and blogging regularly. Now you know why.


Robyn said...

i'm with you, bloody bloody paperwork and real life tasks suck

Kristin said...

I'm glad your guns are fixed, even under that admin glare. It's good to read you!

Shiny said...

Robyn - doesn't it just? Gets in the way of all the fun stuff x

Kristin - yay, and it's feeling good to write again x