Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trivial Pursuit and such

There’s a lot to be said about playing Trivial Pursuit with old friends. I suppose there’s a lot to be said about doing anything with old friends, really. It’s just that little bit easier, more comfortable, when people know all the good bits and gory bits of your history.

In Trivial Pursuit though, I realised on Saturday afternoon while sitting next to our first fire of winter, that, when playing with old friends, very often you know which answers they’ll get right, and it feels lovely.

Winter arrived over the weekend, bringing with it bucketing-down rain, great grey skies, a distinct drop in the mercury, and six new leaks in the lounge roof. Also, fires in the hearth, game-playing, red wine and cosy old friend time. I’m going to focus on that, as opposed to Grumpy Shiny that the cold and dark brings out of the shadows.


Angela said...

I cannot imagine grumpy Shiny.

Angela said...

If I ever get to Rome, I will look them all up. With YOU, Lola.
I`ll send you a handwritten picture postcard tomorrow, okay?

Angela said...

Oh sorry, Shiny, this was meant for Lola, and Blogger thought I should send this to you. All right then, a picture postcard for you as well!

Kristin said...

Saturday afternoon sounds absolutely perfect, old friends, first fire, red wine and games. I hope the thought stays with you through the dark days of winter. It brings a smile to my face across all these miles!

Shiny said...

Oh Geli... grumpy Shiny is quite something to be encountered! In fact, she is best avoided! Thank you, again, for the postcard.

Kirsten - yay! The games certainly will continue throughout.