Friday, February 17, 2012

Grumble grump

Thoughts of big skies and open roads keep distracting me from the matter at hand. The matter at hand, though, seems flimsy and colourless, a bland moment in time. I berate myself constantly for doing what seems to me to be Wasting Time. Again, I have the preciousness of time thrown in my face, with the death of someone I was once close to. There is no time to waste. None, nada, zip.

It just all seems so pointless sometimes, the dreary drugdgery of work, home, filling up time with ‘stuff’. It feels like the ‘stuff’ is junk food, nutrient-less, filling a void that just keeps getting bigger. I feel guilty, though, even saying this, knowing my everyday drudgings are so much easier than most, my job mainly stimulating, my life pretty damn rosy. In comparison.

I feel like I’m waiting for something big to happen, jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone in a marshland, toward a mirage that just keeps rushing further away. Wishing I could blame it on PMS I check my calendar hopefully, knowing my hormones are blameless this time.

Perhaps I need to stop jumpingjumpingjumping and just be still for a bit. Still and quiet. Maybe with a large bottle of gin and a couple of books.


Mud said...

God, I know what you mean. The waiting-limbo-weightless need to feel a greater purpose....

Still waiting....

Gin may help.

Kristin said...

Something must be coming. This cannot be it.

Kitty Moore said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea. May I join you?

Shiny said...

Mud - gin, indeed, is good in most situations I find. Have you tried it with cucumber instead of the traditional lemon? (In a G&T, of course). Yum.
Kristen - something is absolutely coming!
Kitty - please do. I'll chill the cucumber so long (see comment to Mud, above)

About to head over to all of yours now, for a long-overdue catchup