Thursday, December 9, 2010

The crush intensifies

Okay, I don’t mean to go on too much about it, but thought I should just update you on my crush, after I Google-stalked him. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’m the poster-girl for Google. At this point I must just mention how hard it is to Google-stalk somebody called Christian Love. My search came back with, literally, hundreds of hits for religious websites ranging from the zealous to the over-zealous to the sublime. I pursued though.

Turns out The Light of my Life (no pun intended) is the son of the main Dirty Old Man Beach Boy, Mike Love. His name is Christian Love, 42-years old, and he has his own band too – 5 Alarm. I searched and searched, but could find no mention of relationship status so will now assume that he is completely-and-utterly in love with me. Of course.

When I saw that he is 42-years old, my immediate reaction was ‘Oh, he’s old.’ Then I remembered that, in fact, even though I was acting like a 16-year old groupie, I am 35-years old, so 42 is just perfect. Strange how our minds can play tricks on us.

I leave you with a picture of my Heaving Crush, and let me just say that it doesn’t do his ravishing good looks justice, at all:


Angela said...

Men with guitars DO have something on them, don`t they?! Even when they are as OLD as 42 (chuckle) (I often forget my own age, too). How can a man called Love call his son Christian! I mean, really. As if, when you are called Angel, you call your son Halse...oh my, now you got my mind running!
But yes, cute picture. Have you written him already?

Angela said...

Post office said it has arrived in SA on Dec. 1st! So it SHOULD be near!

Shiny said...

Geli - I just checked too - apparently I can expect it shortly - yippeeee! x

Angela said...

It will be all smeary, sitting at that hot post office for so long!