Monday, February 8, 2010

Sad. Still.

My feet are cemented to the ground. I turn myself inward, into my head. And run.

I hold on so tightly to you, I'm sure your arm goes numb. If I don't, I fear I'll float away. A helium balloon tied to a child's wrist. But the bow is too loose. I need to cling.

Good grief, enough already. My sadness flits by every so often but normally doesn't stick about for so long. This one is lurking about in the corner, looking at me with its' glinting eyes. Back off, you bastard, you're making me too watery, I might wash down a drain and into the sea. Away.

Apologies for this morbid morosity. Normal service will resume shortly. The grey, twisting mists of sadness even cause me to make up vocabulary it seems. Is morosity even a word?


Mud in the City said...

Morosity is a good word for a bad thing.
It will pass. That is a certainty. Turn your face to the sun to the wind to the stars and try to see beyond.

If not - crack open the vodka. Gin just makes you cry.


Rambler said...

Thinking of you darling girl...

Rambler said...
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mumplustwo said...

Dear Shiny! I have been away-and- busy-and-busy-and-away. Not a single solitary minute to read or write for so soooo long. Feels awful. Have missed all my favourite bloggers - you included. Thanks for your query, many moons ago re. how I was doing. Just this minute, with 30 secs to spare, I popped back again to tak a peek.... and was so touched by your post. So I'm writing (quickly!)to let you know that someone in London is thinking of you and wishing you well and sending you strength across the miles. Will blog again soon (hopefully) and in the meantime will try and catch up on everyone else. Hang in there girlfriend. xxx

Shiny said...

Thank you, y'all, I'm feeling MUCH better.

Mumplusone - yey to having you back!