Thursday, November 5, 2009

Novel writing takes a back seat

So, I'm a naughty girl. I so very much wanted to be cool, like the ever-so-brave and incredibly talented sisters Tamara and Miranda and write a 50 000 word novel in November. That amounts to 1666.67* words. Per day. I even signed up. And started. I got to 509 words in my first sitting (1 157.67 words short, for the day). It was complete trash, but fun to write. Then it was the next day, and I realised I was 2 824.34 words behind. I'm now 7 824.35 words behind (including today). It was starting to stress me out.

You see, in September, I wrote on my blog every day, and then in October, I wrote 100 words every day on another little project thing, so I (way over-zealously) thought that this was the perfect next step. What I failed to realise, was that I have just moved back into the newly renovated House in the Middle of the Street. Which still has no kitchen taps. We have a sink, but no taps. It's a long story. And boxes. What looks like thousands of them. Filled with Stuff. Stuff that needs to be unpacked, have the concrete dust wiped off it, and returned to its rightful places.

Then there's Real Work, which is chaotic, and fills my days fairly fully (except when I sneak off to blog) from 7am until 5pm. And the Other Work, which also seems to forget that I'm freelance, and not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to bow to their every whim. ("Could we have 350 words of copy, for a competition, by, say, yesterday afternoon?" "Um.... no.") It's just that time of year with work-type stuff. I really shouldn't sound so ungrateful. At least I'm being paid.

And then, there's the small matter of the fact that I am very busily falling in love. This takes up a lot of time and, on much contemplation this morning, I decided needed more attention than any 50 000 word novel deserves from me. At this point. You see, I'm feeling I should rather revel in this starry-eyed, fluttery-hearted, Mills & Boon-esque gushiness that I'm experiencing right now. It only seems fair.

And I'm pretty darn sure that my 50 000 word novel can just revel in said feelings, and possibly develop a bit more in my head, and be ready for next November. Or, at least, I hope so.

Novels don't have expiry dates, do they?


family affairs said...

Novels certainly don't have expiry dates and are happy to be put on the back burner when all consuming love unexpectedly appears on the go girl. Lovely lovely I'm very jealous Lxx

allie said...

Let nothing interfere with starry eyed, fluttery tummy state.

Miranda said...

Good call. I'd far rather fall in love than write a frikking novel!

Rambler said...

about this falling in love thing - you still owe me a call sista!

Angela said...

I also CONSIDERED signing up but like you, had better things to do. Go for your butterflies and stars! Unpack your boxes. Be happy.

Shiny said...

FA - yip, back burner it is. To be honest, I'm relieved, the first 500 words were bloody difficult! Not sure I'dd ever manage 50 000...

Allie - I'm not letting anything interfere. At all.

Miranda - sounds like you're doing so well at it. Yippeee. Question is, though... will you do it again with me, next year?

Rambler - call is a-coming. And I'm coming a-visiting.

Angela - wise advice, as always