Friday, April 27, 2007

Blog names and party plans

Why did I call this blog what I called it? Well, surprisingly, it is because I'm thirty-two-and-a-bit. I thought quite hard about it, went through all the discussions in my head about how it'll become redundant in February next year, then got distracted by thoughts of how I'll celebrate my thirty third. I'm thinking I might wait until June and then have a thirty third and a third birthday party instead. It just seems to sound more fun. By that time I'd strayed completely and was wondering if it was a better idea to stick to the formulaic party I've had for the past, well, five or so, years - disco in the garage (visions of spinning-the-bottle, aged 12, and having to kiss boys in a cupboard), fairy lights in the garden, large amounts of people, fun music. It works so well, yet, each time I do it again, I fear that, this time, it might be "The Time She Did it One-too-many-times"... One of those parties people bring up for years after at dinner parties when anyone brings up the words flop and party too close together in a sentence. My thoughts then turned to how to change it slightly, while keeping relatively close to the winning formula. My aunt's stepson had a jumping castle at his 40th birthday party - the thought of a bunch of forty year olds (or thirty three and a third year olds, for that matter) jumping with their champagne-filled bellies on a jumping castle filled my head with thoughts too vile to put down on this page. Pony rides? Good god girlie, THIRTY three and a third, not three and a third. That was just a momentary regression to childhood longings of having "pony rides" written on my birthday invitation - I don't even like the concept of ponies in sunhats being led around in circles with small children clinging to their furry backs. Then my thoughts wandered to cocktails. I like blue ones. The same party, but with blue cocktails... It was at this point that I realised I had strayed away from the task at hand completely and needed to get back to blog naming. Ah, fuckit, it's still months until my birthday, and the party, so I decided I need neither worry about how to change the formula or how to deal with the redundancy of the name of the blog for, well, 10 months at least. Phew. I did warn you in the previous post about my tendency to stray... In the meantime (I don't suppose there's any harm in being prepared - that's what they always told the Brownies, or something like that), what ingredient do you add to an already fabulous party formula to make it, well, fabulouser?

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